If you’re going to spend over $50 on a Malbec, this should be the one

Altamana Single Vineyard Malbec

The Full Review

Altamana is doing great things in wine south of the Maule River and it is worth heading over to their website to see what they’re getting into. This single vineyard Malbec, made from 60 year old vines, is a great example of how they are changing the current trend in Malbec. This wine is deep, dark and elegant with notable notes of black olive, marinated cherries and a hint of savory balsamic. The tannin is prominent, buy very well integrated, giving the wine a nice backbone, holding up all of the characteristics and keeping the balance as the bright acidity runs through, livening up the wine. It’s a bit pricey, but this wine will drink well through 2021. If you love Malbec this is a must try for a special occasion.