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Here’s everything you need to know about creating an ALDI cheese board that’s perfect for entertaining (and affordable too!).

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Cheese boards and charcuterie boards are all over Pinterest right now, each one more elaborate than the next. As opposed to some Pinterest trends (I’m looking at you, sweet potato toast), I’m totally sold on this one. These boards are genius for entertaining because they’re prepped in advance—no fussing around in the kitchen when you’ve got guests—and there’s something on them for everyone.

But I get it. Attempting a Pinterest-worthy cheese board can seem intimidating—and expensive. All those fancy cheeses, specialty meats, and froufrou crackers…cha-ching, right?

I’m happy to report that I assembled my first-ever epic cheese board and it wasn’t expensive. I bought everything at ALDI (except for some pesto I had in the fridge—but you can get that at ALDI too!),  it was very affordable, and I had plenty of extra food left for refilling it mid-party.

And it wasn’t hard either. It was actually fun, like putting together a big delicious puzzle.

How to Make an ALDI Cheese Board

Here’s what I bought:

How to Make an ALDI Cheese Board

(Keep in mind that some products may be seasonal or not available at all stores, but with new products showing up all the time, including nearly 100 new ALDI Finds each week, there will always be fun options there to include.)

Want to make your own? Here are some tips on building an ALDI cheese board.

Consider including:

A few different cheeses, including something soft and spreadable (like the Happy Farms Preferred Goat Cheese Logs),  something hard and sliceable (like Specially Selected Aged Reserve White Cheddar ), and something festive (like a wheel of Specially Selected Normandy Baking Brie). A mix of mild cheeses (like Specially Selected Smoked Gouda) and stronger flavors (like Happy Farms Preferred Blue Cheese wedge) is ideal too.

ALDI Cheese BoardSpecialty meats, like Appleton Farms Prosciutto. I also picked up an assortment of Appleton Farms gourmet deli meats that included pepper salami, hot capocollo, and hot calabrese. You can lay the slices on top of each other or fold them into a row or pile.

A couple kinds of crackers in different textures. For gluten-free guests, their liveGfree Multi Seed Crackers are delicious (fyi: their whole line of liveGfree line recently earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, which is considered the gold standard guide for shoppers). And the Savoritz Woven Wheats have long been a favorite of mine (they contain just three ingredients and can stand up to a generous smear of cheese). Include slices of baguette too so partygoers can spread brie or jam on them or build mini sandwiches.

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Sliced apples, pears, or fresh berries add pops of color and are perfectly paired with cheese (and if you’re looking for organic fruit, ALDI has that too). Dried fruit also pretty on a cheese board.

ALDI Cheese BoardNuts (be sure you’re aware of any allergies). ALDI carries a wide variety, so look for their Southern Grove and Specially Selected nuts.

Olives. ALDI has a few different varieties, including the Specialty Selected Stuffed Queen Olives, stuffed with feta, cheddar, or jalapeno jack cheese. (Though there are products all over ALDI that would be great for a holiday board, their Specially Selected line is made with foodies—and parties—in mind!) Put these in little dishes so the juices are contained.

Spreads. I included a little dish of ALDI Specially Selected Raspberry Fruit Spread (for spreading on a baguette with a hunk of brie) plus a pesto.

ALDI Cheese BoardSweets. I snagged these Winternacht star-shaped cookies (I’m a sucker for all the German specialty foods at ALDI) to garnish my holiday board plus another of my personal faves, their cocoa-flavored almonds. I also bought two kinds of Moser Roth chocolate but didn’t have room. (My kids loved the Milk Toffee Crunch one so much, I’m going to include them in their stockings this year.)

I used a big cutting board, but you can also use a cookie sheet or large serving tray for your cheese board.

And in case you haven’t heard, you can now get your ALDI groceries delivered via Instacart, which simplifies your holiday even more.