Hello dear friends,

I’m currently in denial about what might be a cold?  A cold because it better not be the flu.  I’m not accepting any mail from the flu.  Part of my denial this weekend involves me roasting a chicken with butter and lemons and making a variation of this lentil soup for next week.  The old wive’s tale is definitely something like ‘feed a cold that you’re denying’ right? 

This week I went to dinner at, inarguably, one of the most special places in New Orleans:  Mosquito Supper Club.  It’s an authentic Cajun restaurant, open three nights a week for one seating each night, communal tables, family style, so many biscuits and so much crab – it’s a perfect evening.   I’m gathering up my other New Orleans favorites to share with you later this week.  It’s an ever evolving list. You’ll come visit, won’t you?

I hope this week finds you well and healthy!  The offering this week is below.  As always, take what you need: 

  This:  How Is The Shutdown Affecting America?  Let Us Count The Ways. (NPR)

  I haven’t watched the Marie Kondo Netflix show yet because I haven’t prepared my heart and schedule to purge my closet and kitchen but this is very relevant content:  The Marie Kondo Effect Reaches Beacon’s Closet (The New Yorker) 

•  Several of you sent along this article for me to read:  Bright Lights, small city.  It’s about making the decision to move to New Orleans, encouraging a different life to take shape, and yes… talking to your neighbors.  (Curbed)

  Stay sexy:  How true crime podcasts find clues the police miss. (BBC)

•  Do you listen to the podcast Ear Hustle?  I like it very much. I also like this news quite a lot:  Earlonne Woods Made An Amazing Podcast – and it won him his freedom. (MotherJones)

  This week’s long read is deeply real:  The Weight I Carry (The Atlantic) 

  I love Maggie’s perspective and appreciate how honestly and generously she talks about her relationship with food, health and dieting:  The 3 Weight-Loss Proverbs That Just Didn’t Work For Me.  (The Kitchn)

  Let’s commit to keep exploring new ingredients and techniques in the kitchen this year.  Marisa from Food In Jars has a 12-month canning challenge for the new year and I’m super excited to experiment! 

  Today is a good day to remind yourself how simple and satisfying it is to make a roasted chicken: No-Fail Roast Chicken with Lemon and Garlic. I added potatoes to the pan and have no regrets.  (Bon Appetit) 

  Citrus season comes along right when we need it:  Grapefruit Cake with Grapefruit Curd.  (Joy the Baker)

  Why yes, I very much want to make a PomPom Beret! (Teen Vogue) 

  I am digging this collaboration between Poketo and Beyond Yoga.  (Beyond Yoga)

That’s all for today my friends. Enjoy your Sunday!

My love to you.

xo Joy